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Where in the world is Nathan Whitney Stodola?

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Wednesday, March 7th, 2007
11:16 pm - Natural progression Natespotting?

When: this evening
Where: outside Mark Twain

Spotting Nate in Brady doesn't count, as that's more of a spontaneous hanging out with Christina, Andrew, and Jared. The actual Natespotting occurred sometime later, as I was coming back from Brady with Jared. Nate was just leaving Mark Twain, presumably soon after undergoing the agonies of tearing himself away from Christina. I believe Jared offered him a ride, but I had left the area before the outcome of this spotting became clear.

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Monday, March 5th, 2007
9:38 am - Afternoon Delight ;D

So, yeah, D&D Over the weekend = FAIL. A combination of one group with a DM Passed out in a ditch somewhere and another group with a DM but only one/two/three/four players...

But what ho? A bright spot! For with Christina doth arrive Nate, sketchpad in hand. Resisting the urge to pull out a camera and capture this rare enough Natespotting Moment was almost too much for me as my Sunday suddenly looked a whole lot brighter. Except not, because they keep turning the lights off by the DDR machine...


current mood: pleased

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Thursday, March 1st, 2007
6:01 pm - In which a Natespotting benefits me directly

When: Today
Where: Mark Twain central elevator

I sit here, at my computer, ensconced comfortably in my hard wooden chair and sipping desultorily from the iced cappuccino that Nate handed me during a particular spotting today in the elevator (Christina was there too, so everyone whose minds went to the same place just now can get out of the gutter right about now). Well, all right, I haven't touched the iced cappuccino yet. But the moral of the story is, spot Nate some more and he might hand you random food items as well.

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11:05 am - Gorgeous day Natespotting!

When: Yesterday
Where: outside Mark Twain

I was walking on my way to Cross-Cultural when I ran into Nate and Christina. Not literally - that would've hurt a lot, as Nate had his bike with him. We exchanged words, Nate remarked upon the sweatshirt he was wearing, I made a dinner appointment with Christina, and off we went on our respective ways.

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Monday, February 19th, 2007
1:08 am - TWO Retroactive Spottings

When: two weekends ago
Where: near Mark Twain

I was driving home from the Artisan, shivering, and as I rolled down Stewart towards the dorm, there was Nate, furiously peddling his bicycle. I thought about doing something, waving or slowing down, but even Nate is no match for the Jetta. I was gone before I could do anything.

When: last week
Where: in Mark Twain

This wasn't so much a spotting as a hearing, as I was on my way downstairs. I heard someone say, "Hey Elle!" and I said "Hey!" back as not to be rude. But I didn't know who it was until Linda was like, "I just saw Nate." 1 + 1 = 2!!!

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12:25 am - Retroactive spotting

When: Valentine's evening
Where: Just outside Walgreen's

Christina was walking into Walgreen's, which surprised me. Jared and I subsequently chased her down and the situation was explained. Upon returning to the car, we ran into Nate going the other way, who was also chasing down Christina, small Thai peace offering in hand. The moral of this story: everyone chases down Christina on Valentine's Day.

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